Frequently Asked Questions that the Retail Energy Providers ("REP") get from residential and business Customers:

Will I still be a customer of my utility?

Your local utility owns the power lines that carry electricity to your home, business or institution, and they will continue the delivery of electricity,  The actual electricity will be billed by the Retail Electric Provider (“REP”).

What if the power goes out?

If you lose power, or if you have an emergency related to your power, you must still notify your utility. Utilities are required to respond with equal attention to all of their customers. They do not and cannot discriminate against customers who use other energy providers. In fact, most states provide incentives for customers to use energy service companies such as ours.

Will I notice any changes to my service?

When you make the switch, your electrical service will continue uninterrupted. The only change will be a bill from our Retail Electric Providers ("REP") services for your new low-cost electricity supply.  

Who is responsible for safety and reliability of power delivery?

The delivery system is still the responsibility of the utility, and, as such, so is its safety and reliability. The utility will maintain the lines and repair them if there is an outage or storm, and the regulatory body overseeing utilities in your state will help to ensure that the utility continues to provide a safe, reliable delivery system for your use.

What if I have a question about my bill?

For questions regarding your bills for electricity (such as your cost per kWh), you will have direct contact with our friendly representatives and they will be happy to assist you.  For questions regarding the delivery of your service (such as outages, meter checks, etc.), please contact your local utility.
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